The Development Blog Begins!

Welcome to the Retro City Rampage Development Blog!

In the coming weeks, you’ll find posts covering all aspects of the game. From status updates to details on the weapons, characters, world and more! You’ll come across more screen shots and eventually videos. I’ll also be posting articles on programming, design, playtesting and other nitty gritty development tips, tricks and revelations!

Stay tuned!

About Brian Provinciano

Brian Provinciano! Founder of Vblank Entertainment, and the programmer, pixel artist, designer, producer, bizdev, (blah, blah...) behind Retro City Rampage!
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5 Responses to The Development Blog Begins!

  1. Xaq404 says:

    This looks damn awesome. Is there an estimated release date?

  2. Thanks Xaq! It’s coming this Fall.

  3. d1337r says:

    So that’s what Grand Theftendo just turned into?

  4. Same developer but new game. RCR’s the evolution of what GTN would’ve been if it had original story and 7 years of work ;)

  5. [X]aizeem says:

    So let me get this straight. This game is going to be one of the first mass produced games for the NES in almost 20 years? Am i getting this right? If so “Holy f’n sh** Batman!” i want it NAO! lol any way to pre order? Estimated sales price for the game? Available in Canada?

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