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"RETRO CITY RAMPAGE" The Open-World Action Parody Video Game from Vblank Entertainment Retro City Rampage: Home Vblank Entertainment Inc. Preorder Retro City Rampage


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The "Player One" The "Slick" The "Ice Top" The "Dumberer" The "Bowlcut"
The "Flattop" The "Kitka Top" The "Kid 'N Around" The "Squeakfro" The "Action Hero"
The "De Mullet" The "Preppy" The "M.C. Mullet" The "Fabby" The "Principal 'B'"
The "Bugeye Louie" The "Jekyll" The "Petty" The "Mostly Crew Cut" The "Punkhawk"
The "Magnum Hawk" The "Grogbrush" The "Heredity" The "Facepalm" The "Bowl-O-Dome"
The "H. Thompson" The "Mega Freak" The "He-Male" The "Eddie Longbangs" The "Taxier"
The "Hairstrip" The "Foolocks" The "Mullet Classic" The "Last Action Skullet" The "Dennis Kooper"
The "Bri 2010" The "Weeaboo" The "Propeller Beanie" The "Cop Cap" The "Jester Hat"
The "Mr. Destructoid" The "Minecraft's Steve" The "Biffsuit" The "Bomb Proof Helmet" The "Master Chef Bike Helmet"
The "Plumber Cap" The "Not Plumber Cap" The "Ball Cap" The "Reaper Cowl" The "Toadstool Top"
The "BioniCop" The "Ms. Player" The "The Speed Bump" The "Brokeback" The "Whipped"
The "Pervious" The "Mary Moons" The "Queen" The "King" The "Rat Tail"
The "Fat Rat Tail" The "Barkeep" The "Romane" The "Reflecto Shades" The "Window Blinds"
The "Jazzies" The "Nerdies" The "Cool Kats" The "Murdocks" The "Red Specs"
The "Eye Patch" The "Monocle" The "BugGAAAAH!" The "White Choc" The "Conradical"
The "Morriso" The "Roadie" The "Bop" The "Stella" The "Caddy"
The "MC Lionel" The "Top Hat" The "Trucker's Cap" The "Nose Bleeder" The "Viking Helmet"
The "Smooth Touch" The "Ascot" The "Goalie Mask" The "Fez" The "Ski Mask"
The "Sewer Wrap" The "Hard Hat" The "Sombrero" The "Mega Master Player" The "Starface"
The "Teether" The "Teether In Cone" The "Vanilla Cone" The "Coneception" The "Ghoul"
The "Permimenent" The "Future Shades" The "Chest" The "Back" The "Chest Lightgun"
The "In The Pants" The "Sacred Toadstool" The "Pen Sword" The "Pixel Life" The "Binary Pak"
The "For The Win" The "Little Sunshine" The "Wide Goat" The "Fake Abs" The "Mommy"
The "Butterfly" The "Heart" The "Cool Japanese Symbol" The "Cool Chinese Symbol" The "Call Me"
The "" The "Tramp Stamp" The "Tramplers" The "Player Rocks" The "Cool Chinese Back"

RETRO CITY RAMPAGE, the game, characters and all related elements are trademarks of Vblank Entertainment Inc. ©2012 All Rights Reserved.
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